Monday, April 21, 2014

6 down, 0 or 4 to go

I don't want to do much for a while. I've tested the remaining 4 games, and I think I'd like to hold off til the end so I don't bias people either way. But I don't feel comfortable reviewing games I'm somewhat emotionally attached to, and I'm not sure it's even within contest rules.

About the only thing I can add is a technical note: this post by Wade Clarke should help you to download the newest shiniest ALAN interpreter so The Wyldkynd Project works best. I think people are all a bit wary of non-Inform parser entries (as of 4/21 noon Central, Wyldkynd and Weekend have no IFDB ratings, but all other games in the ST2014 comp do,) and in this case, there are hoops to jump through. I know ALAN has been updated to be more stable, and hopefully this will people be able to base their experience of the game on the best update of out there.

So I may just be writing stuff up randomly for a bit--my experience testing, getting testers, and formulating ideas. Maybe it'll be interesting, and maybe it'll help people. Maybe it'll just be ignored. Thanks for reading so far.

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