Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Thing 2016! Go! Play! Enjoy! Judge!

It's good to see so many works in Spring Thing this year. I barely scraped by, and I'm grateful that Aaron allowed a bit of post-April 1 tweaking to shake out an embarrassing bug or two as well as (I hope) latitude for a post like this. (If not, I'll delete this.) Thanks to my testers for putting up with something that must've been frustrating.

I won't say much about my game, but chatter on Euphoria seems to indicate that some authors really love other authors' works. The IFDB already has game info and a few reviews.

So, this was meant to be a post-comp release post-mortem of Problems Compound, but that'll wait. Especially since I found a bug--and then, how I should've tested for it.

I'd like to post reviews post-Spring Thing of works I got to, but I don't feel comfortable doing so now, although Aaron Reed wants to be lenient about author commentary. Go play the games, and don't worry about (not) playing mine. I'm glad it's out of the way, and I think it's easier than Ugly Oafs.

I plan to submit a post-comp release of my game along with Threediopolis.

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