Monday, March 6, 2017

A tribute to

William McGonagall was a poet. You can read his wikipedia entry, visit the site, or guess how good he was from my poem below.

Oh truly it was a most glorious day
I found mcgonagall-online-org-UK.
The lovely site did not even have to bribe
Me to click the link that would let me subscribe
And get via email a fine daily gem
For which must thanks must be afforded to them.
Too soon one repeated, my land, shock of shocks!
Until I recalled the birthday paradox
And right then and there did I take a wild stab    
At reading them all: right click, use new tab!
And since it was mostly just text in each node
No poem took overly long just to load.
A new shortcut later made me feel contenter:
A poem read, alt-left arrow, tab and then enter.
I counted them all and saw 245.
To read them up quickly this author did strive.
On finishing I knew my time was spent well
Much better than if I had binged on FreeCell.
And yet when I finished, a sense of pure gloom.
I staved off with a DVD of "The Room."
Before moving on like a stone cold top boss
To prose by Amanda Mc-Kitter-Ick Ros!

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