Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Heezy Park (EctoComp 2015) reflection

Heezy Park (EctoComp) retrospective

First of all--a break to say thanks to all the visitors who helped me reach 10000 hits! Woo! It's a neat milestone.

Spoilers abound. The game shouldn't take too long to play, and you just need to guess a verb at the end, so...hopefully it'll only take 5 minutes if you're interested.

The short version: Even before the nice placing (3rd of 9, best numerically and percentile-wise) I'm happy with it. I'm happy others seemed to be happy with it. I put a lot into it, but it never felt too heavy. And reflecting on it, the idea didn't just pop into my brain. I bet the deadline helped, but I had a few things floating around.

It was a matter of saying, what if I could do X or Y simply? And a few things came together. So maybe this will help other people make things click, whether it's for the IF New Year's thing, EctoComp next year, or maybe even someone will have a string of short games tied in a packet for the Spring Thing Backyard. Or if it provides a theme for an IFComp 2016 game.