Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Problems Compound Release 2 is out!

I had some great testing during the comp and after, and now that I've been able to fix the big bugs, I think I have a good, stable release.

Thanks to Neil Butters, Wade Clarke, Joey Jones and Juhana Leinonen for testing new features and old bugs. I know my games are tough to test, and everyone found and worked through a game-killer.

I had a lot of organization to do, but thanks to GitHub, I fumbled a lot less than previous releases, and I got a lot more done! I even got a test environment working which may pay off down the road. So I'm very happy.  I'll have more ideas in a more detailed write-up.

An example of how it helped is here. If you want, you can view the previous commit, but you may notice one change I was able to make quickly because I was able to review the source code. Okay, I could've reviewed it before committing, but I was able to notice pretty quickly that

  1. "SHORT" didn't toggle short descriptions at all
  2. "WHO" had the wrong test case
  3. I forgot to tell the player they could THINK
It was originally a small fix to see if it was easier for the player to see who they were talking with, and I wound up being able to look at the previous commit and fix some obvious things so testers or players might not run into it. And that's a big help--of course, you want to be careful, but you don't want to be bogged down.

There are minor issues--I wanted to get something out before month's end after JMac's post-- but Jacqueline Ashwell at ClubFloyd has been kind enough to let me send them an updated version beyond this one, with a few more fixes. I'm also not sure the end puzzles are user-friendly enough...but they're a lot better than they were.

Now on to release 3. There are still some issues but they're not game breakers. They're more looking at Inform stuff I never did before.