Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Earth Turning Slowly, by Maeja Stefansson

Now this is a tricky one. It's five chapters, and you control someone different in each one. You are part of a research group that has found dinosaurs, and a data book comes up missing. The suspect is always the same, and so is the result.

This was a tough game to read but I'm glad I did. Trying to figure everyone's motivations is key to replaying, and I wanted to try to change the plot though I knew I couldn't. This echoes some of the characters' fears/worries.

The Undum controls are quite nice--thy provide you with useful verbs and give you a subject e.g. LOOK AT allows you to look at Morgan or Joanna. I only wish that this had been used a bit more e.g. a panel on the left shows all the verbs and also profiles the characters. As is I felt thrown in the deep end but the writing was clear enough that the scientific bits didn't elude me.

This is another game it would be tough to exclude from recommendation.

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