Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lobster Bucket, by Lady Tallhat

Hooray for randomly-generated maps! This feels like Kerkerkruip light, where you can actually win quickly, but there aren't that many items. This is also the 2nd game with a specifically named item to find (see: 8 miles high.) Maybe there is a meta-puzzle like with IFComp 2011 and the man with the hat.

My first experience with the game, I won in 5 moves. I thought, is this a bad joke? Then I realized stuff was randomly generated and tried for an easy setup to get all 9 points. Nothing, alas. I may return to poke around, but the monsters do seem to be good at sitting and guarding important areas. Even save-scumming, I didn't get more than 8/9.

I think this is a nice experiment, though, and it works. It's a bit sparse, though.

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