Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bound, by Starfinger X

This wasn't what I was expecting at all from the author name or title--it's a timed puzzle where you are a cleaningperson who gets your employer's ring stuck on your finger. You need to use household items to take it off. The game map is nicely laid out below game text (much like Gregory Peccary's--ok, that's ABOVE, but no real difference,) with a separate screen for inventory, which makes for pleasing production values. And with the timed puzzle, yes, it's VERY good to have a map beforehand. And it makes sense that you know the house, since you cleaned it.

It took me two times to get through the game. Well, technically three. The in-game restart left the game thinking I had gotten the bowl when I didn't, which may've made it unwinnable, so be sure to use the manual restart. This isn't a mortal sin, but FYI.

I think I'd have been able to guess where to go and what to do first time through, which is a plus for the game because it's logically laid out, but I wanted to poke around all over. I also liked how you slowly remove the ring up your finger--it reminded me of trying to remove a too-tight shoe--and if the game doesn't vary items for maximum replayability, it still works as a puzzle and a riff on the standard "your apartment" game.

I was slightly disappointed your employer didn't totally lambaste you for not trying to get the ring off--but I WAS interested enough to check & I did enjoy the advice column on the coffee table too.

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