Monday, May 26, 2014

Look Around the Corner, by Robert Whitlock

Given I hadn't used TADS much I figured I had to steel myself for the game. Maybe new verbs, new conventions, etc.

However, this game was short enough I didn't need to. You shouldn't, either. It's a two-room escape the room style game, to be reductionist. But I sort of need to spoil it to see what it's about.

My smart-alecky play style got the answer before I found the game's clues. I was amused to find what happened when I "won" in the "other" room and while the hints may be a bit strained to direct you to what to do, they're still pleasing to observe & a good enough puzzle. And the game sort of reminded me of some of my weirder dreams, which was cool. Also, the different ending texts allowed the game to be more robust without drawing it out.

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