Friday, May 16, 2014

Out the Window by Bramble Bobonong

So, this is a Twine game where you--throw stuff out the window. It's good for a few giggles at first, but unfortunately I just think everything I see is second rate to this scene (profanity warning at start, extreme skeeviness warning at 45s) of which I've watched too many greatest moment compilations. (Yes, window glass should fall with the TV. No, that's far from the worst mis-step in the movie. Yes, the painting IS resting on the camera at the start.) It doesn't quite seem to work with the messy apartment angle for me, but I think it also has the good sense to stop at squalor and disillusionment before overstaying its welcome or getting into offensiveness. (Okay, the game recognizes throwing stuff out the window is a disturbance.) This is a good comp for this sort of work, though I'd guess more ambitious ones will move ahead of it.

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