Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fallout Shelter Deathmatch

Fallout Shelter, by Amadeo Voss

Who will, ha ha, survive?

Amadeo Voss's is a cute little riff where you have a security blanket (!) and not a whole lot to do, but it made me smile a bit. Maybe more items like this?

Histroy Gloam's is a bit more ambitious, where you explore the drain beneath your fallout shelter, and it took me a while to figure how to put the final crystal in the final slot. I eventually discovered it by accident but it was a bit obscure and I only figured it out due to lawnmowering. With some other disambiguation (I'd like PUT ORANGE IN ORANGE to work) and more implementation it might be better, so yeah, post-comp updates. A walkthrough or hinting how to get the alien to release the orange crystal would be nice too. I was messing with the red and yellow panels.

Well, I'll give it to the parser game, because that's how I tiebreak. Both have their moments, but each could be tweaked a bit.


  1. I found the puzzles in Gloam's to not be very intuitive.

    1. Well, that's forgiveable in a relatively small game. There's only so much to examine, and assuming the game's not Zarfian-nasty, you can cut down a lot of possibilities.