Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Bird, by Dick Dawson

Well, here's another effective reverse. I was expecting something much more sentimental bu got...a bizarre world where President Bastard has declared birds, and helping them, illegal. You can save the birds if you want, or you can be out for yourself, but either way you find out they're pretty nasty too. So are the cops, including a fat cop who didn't ask to be a fat cop.

The structure of this twine game is pretty straight-up CYOA with a new area unlocked once you get most of the endings (which it handily tracks,) and it has a number of just random choices coupled with a few that are obvious but amusing losers. It even has a helpful back button. That, plus "cussin' is rad/horrible" gives an overall helterskelter feel without being disorganized. I had lots of fun.

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