Monday, May 26, 2014

Truth, by John Earthling

This is an amusing game about Finding Truth. Or rather dispelling untruths. They're everywhere! There are 21 of them to get! The world isn't especially rich, and it's filled with easy targets like politics, religion and general silliness. You get a point for dispelling untruths, such as the stained glass in a church that depicts the beliefs of a sect you disagree with.

I got 19 of 21 and found the way to actually win amusing. (I also found it very quickly.) The game never quite gets too silly--I enjoyed the one puzzle (not really,) turning the radio on and the general tone of narrative self righteousness. And stuff like putting the batteries in the wrong way at first. Very good for a Z5 game.

This won't be my favorite game, but it will encourage me to try to go off the deep end a bit more often, as I wanted those last 2 points not just to win it all and be done with it but to have a couple last laughs.

UPDATE: I got all 21 a bit later. Though I think it's kind of a mean trick to (rot13) abg tvir n cbvag ng gur pebffebnqf gvy lbh unir gjragl cbvagf. THUS THE GAME ITSELF IS INCONSISTENT AND NOT 100% TRUTHY. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH. But given the game's tone, this isn't really a sin.

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