Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shufflecomp Reviews Index

Progress report as of 5/28 2PM Central: DONE.

* = tested P = played
1982, by Iblis Snowsdottir
50 Shades of Jilting, by Lankly Lockers
Bound, by Starfinger X
Cryptophasia, by L. Starr Voronoi
The darkness of mere being, by a lost kitten
Dead Man's Party, by Morrissey *
An Earth Turning Slowly, by Mæja Stefánsson
Eight Miles High, by Lambert Lambert
Fallout Shelter, by Histroy Gloam
Fallout Shelter, by Amadeo Voss
Flotsam and Driftwood, by Conrad Elton *(note: initially left out of the post. Sorry, C.E.!)
Groove Billygoat, by Efrain Finnell *
Illuminate, by Summer del Mono *
Invisible Parties, by Psychopup
The Legend of Wooley Swamp, by Elizabeth Jones
Light My Way Home, by Venus Hart
Little Bird, by Dick Dawson
Lobster Bucket, by Lady Tallhat
Look Around the Corner, by Robert Whitlock
Mirrorwife, by Virgil Caine
Monkey and Bear, by the opposite of sublimation *
More, by Erin Canterbury
Nothing but Flowers, by Crabby O'Crankypants
Nova Heart: Don't Be Around While The Earth Dies Screaming, by Zenith J Clangor
Out the Window, by Bramble Bobonong
The Peccary Myth, by Pergola Cavendish
Sequitur V1, by Tin Foil Jenny
Sparkle, by Karly Di Caprio *
A Summer's Rose, by Jed Brockett
Tea and Toast, by Maria del Pangolin *
Truth, by John Earthling
White Houses, by Mr. Stamp *

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