Monday, May 26, 2014

Light My Way Home, by Venus Hart

In this game you're something that can't pick things up and with no memory. I think it's pretty clear what the author means, but it gets even clearer once you POWER various electronic things. You eventually find someone else. Manipulating them by POWERING this and that is key to narrative progress, and it's a good mechanic to keep the game simple.

This game has some don't-think-of-a-bear psychology I won't spoil. I'm glad one game in ShuffleComp did something like this, and while I usually don't like playing with the volume on, I recommend it here. I don't care if the tone doesn't logically fit. With your memory loss, this thing-you-shouldn't-do is especially amusing.

The end I got is a nice riff on the usual YOU HAVE DIED/WON. I wasn't able to get the person to go to the suburb in the end. I don't know if you can. It'd be interesting to know. But the ending I got makes emotional and logical sense as is.

This game felt like ...

Will Hines's _Further_ from IFComp 2013. Straightforward, neat mechanic and a look back on life. Though you have more to piece together here, which makes for a bit of an emotional puzzle. I liked both games, but this has a bit more emotional complexity.

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